CASLab is a network of Unix, Windows, Mac and Linux workstations used for undergraduate and graduate teaching in the School of Computing.  Part of CASLab is also a shared resource for all students of Queen’s University.

CASLab Lab Bookings

Note: Unless otherwise specified, labs and tutorials are booked into GW248, TA hours are in GW241.

Lab Locations

Lab Hours
Goodwin Hall (GW248) 25 PCs 24 hour
Walter Light Hall (WL310) 26 PCs 24 hour
Goodwin Hall (GW230) Tables, TV, eGPUs 24 hour
Goodwin Hall (GW241) 3 PCs, TA space 24 hour
Jeffrey (JEF155) Mon-Fri 08:30 – 23:00
Jeffrey (JEF155) Sat-Sun 10:30 – 19:00