There will be TWO sections of CISC 220 during Fall 2016.  They will meet at the same time (slot 2).

CISC 220 Section 1 will be taught by Margaret Lamb.

CISC 220 Section 2 will be taught by Shadi Khalifa.

WARNING: These two sections will not follow the same schedule or use the same teaching material or even have the same quizzes or final exam.  If you try to flit between the two sections you will hear some things twice and other things not at all and it will not go well.  You need to register for one of the sections and stick with it.

REQUEST: The semester is going to be nicer for both the students and the profs if the sections are of similar sizes.  If you have not registered for CISC 220 yet, please register for Section 2, which is currently the smaller section.  If you are already registered in CISC 220 and are Section 1, please consider moving into Section 2.  Thank you!


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