This is a home page for general information about CISC 220.  This course will be managed on OnQ.  The OnQ site will contain all the details that you need during the term — assignments, lecture notes, marks, etc.  If you are registered in CISC 220 it should appear in your OnQ course list by the first day of classes.

For general administrative, information, here is a a copy of the current draft of the course syllabus.

If you have registered for CISC 220 at least two days ago and the course still hasn’t appeared on your OnQ, please contact me at malamb@cs.queensu.ca and I’ll give you temporary guest access until the registration system catches up.

If you are trying to enroll in CISC 220 and the system isn’t letting you in, I don’t have the administrative authority to solve that kind of problem.  You need to contact the School of Computing’s Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

If you are student from last year who needs access to the old course material, most of it is still here but is password-protected.  If you have a real need to see  those parts of the web site, please get in touch with me at malamb@cs.queensu.ca.

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