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There are two sections for this course, which will be coordinated.  The two sections will have the same quizzes, assignments, and final exam.  Please feel free to talk with either section instructor when you have general questions.  For administrative issues, though, it’s best to talk with the instructor of the section for which you are enrolled.

The lectures for the both sections are in Slot 2:

  • Mondays 9:30-10:20
  • Wednesdays 8:30-9:20
  • Thursdays 10:30-11:20

The lectures for Section 1 will be in Walter Light 205 and the lectures for Section 2 will be in Stirling B (on Mondays and Wednesdays) and Chernoff 117 (on Thursdays).  Locations for quizzes and the final exam will be announced ahead of time.

It’s best if you attend the section in which you are enrolled, to ensure that there will be enough seats in each room.  We will be trying to stick to the same schedule, but there are going to be times when one of us gets a little ahead of the other — which means that if you flit between sections there may be things you hear twice and other things you don’t hear at all.

Section 1 Instructor: Margaret Lamb (http://research.cs.queensu.ca/home/malamb).

Section 2 Instructor: Juergen Dingel (http://research.cs.queensu.ca/home/dingel)

We will be using this web page for most of the basic information about CISC 260.  We also have an OnQ area, which we will be using for

  • assignment submission
  • forums
  • secure display of grades
  • information that should be restricted to students in this course (such as quiz solutions and lecture videos)

Please either subscribe to the OnQ news (and read your e-mail!) or make a habit of checking the news directly every day.  When we need to get a message to the students in this class we will use the OnQ news and assume all of you have seen it.

Students in CISC 260 are responsible for everything posted on this web site and on the OnQ news forum.  We will try to remind you of facts, dates and deadlines in class, but “I didn’t read the news” is never a good excuse for missing something.