Home Page

This course page is currently under revision.  For Winter 2018, there will be just one section of CISC 260 and I’m going to be moving most of the information to OnQ instead of a public web site.

For the time being, I am leaving information from Winter 2017 online for people are considering enrolling in the course or who just want to know more about what the course is like.  If you fall into one of those categories, please go to the Winter 2017 home page.  And please bear in mind that there will be some changes for Winter 2018, so not everything you read on the 2017 page will apply to you in 2018.

I have password-protected some of the pages from 2018, notably the assignment pages.  If you have a reason you need to see these pages (for example, if you have an IN from Winter 2017 and need those pages for your studying), please e-mail me at malamb@cs.queensu.ca.