CISC 457

Note: I will be away for a conference on September 15th, 2014. Your TA will be in class giving the lecture.

The main communication tool for the course is Moodle. This website is for your information during the first week of classes. It will not be updated regularly after that.

Welcome to CISC457. This course provides an introduction to computational approaches in image processing applications. This includes the study of areas such as techniques and algorithms for image enhancement and segmentation, image registration, and color image processing. There will also be an introduction to Medical Image Processing towards the end of the course.

Learning Objectives

After finishing this course, you should be comfortable with processing digital images, and understanding image processing concepts.

  • To provide an introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for the formation, representation, enhancement and analysis of digital images.
  • To provide a foundation for developing applications and for further study in the field.
  • To gain practical experience in the design and implementation of image processing algorithms.
  • To become familiar with basic concepts in medical image processing.


The prerequisites for CISC 457 are any first-year algebra course, any first-year calculus course, and CISC 124.

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