Developing Android Apps in CASLab

Please note that it appears as though the Nexus 7 now also requires that you change the USB Computer Connection mode from the default Media device (MTP) to Camera (PTP) in order for the device to work with the drivers and copy of Eclipse installed for Android development in CASLab WL301 and GW248.

The following are step-by-step instructions for changing USB connection mode from MTP to PTP.  This is something that only has to be done once on each of the tablets.


First, plug in the device and wait for the drivers to load.  Next, on the Nexus 7, drag from the top-left and click on “Connect as media device”

Change “Connect as” from Media device (MTP) to Camera (PTP)

It should now look like this:

Also note that if you install the 4.2.2 update on the Nexus 7, you will see the following when you connect to the lab machines for development:

In brief testing, it seems as though you should simply hit OK every time, as checking the “Always allow from this computer” option made the device unusable through Eclipse when testing one of the tablets.