SSH is a secure protocol used to communicate with remote
machines.  It is similar to telnet but encrypts all traffic. 
Most Unix, Linux and Mac OSX systems run an SSH service.  Below,
we detail how to use SSH to connect to CASLab systems. 

PuTTY is a freely available SSH client for Windows.
SSH (Secure SHell) is a secure replacement for Telnet. Where Telnet transmits everything in plaintext, SSH
encrypts all transmissions. Putty is installed on the CASLab Windows machines, and can be used to access Solaris (Zeus)
and the CASLab Linux systems.

Linux, Solaris and Mac OSX systems don’t need a GUI like Putty, as they
have command line SSH tools installed.  For your convenience, a
graphical front end, SecPanel has been installed on both the Linux and Solaris systems and JellyfiSSH has been installed on the Mac OSX systems.