Configuring PuTTY at Home

PuTTY is a freely available SSH client for Windows. SSH (Secure SHell) is a secure replacement for Telnet.
Where Telnet transmits everything in plaintext, SSH encrypts all transmissions.

  1. Install PuTTY using the PuTTY Installer
  2. Open it and type the host name of the server you wish to log in to. For CASLab Linux that will be “” (without quotes) and click open.
  3. There you will be asked to log in, upon which you will see a list of running Linux servers you can use.
  4. Type the number of the server and press enter. (You will have to log in again.)

NOTE: When typing your password in a shell, you will get no visual feedback that you are typing anything. This is normal! Type it and press enter.