SFTP and Mac OSX

There are several excellent SFTP clients freely available for Mac OSX.
Among these are Fugu and Cyberduck.  The following illustrates how to connect to CASLab using Cyberduck’s SFTP capabilities.

Note This was done using 10.4.11 Tiger Leopard might be slightly different using cyberduck V3.2
When first opening Cyberduck this will pop up just hit change.

When you launch Cyberduck, you will see the following:

Click on “New Connection” and fill in as so:

The first time you click Connect, you will see the following:

Click “Always.”  After Cyberduck has connected to Zeus, you will see a listing of files in your home directory.

To see the contents of your Z: drive, select Go -> Go to Folder

Next, add .Zdrive after your home directory:

To bookmark this for later use, click on “Bookmarks” and fill in a Nickname:

You can transfer files simply by dragging and dropping to and from
the window.  When you are finished, simply exit the program.

Cyberduck has many additional features.  For more information, please visit the Cyberduck website.