Use the Linux Live DVD

The School of Computing is proud to announce the 2010 edition of the CASLab Linux Live DVD.  This is the third CASLab Linux Live distribution.  It is based on Ubuntu 10.04.1 and is available for x86 only.

The CASLab Linux Live DVD is meant to provide students with the tools they need to work on assignments from home.

The DVD itself is available from Ben Hall or through the School of Computing’s main office on the fifth floor of Goodwin Hall.  Alternatively, you can download a custom version of WUBI and download and install it from home.

Once you have downloaded WUBI or have the Live DVD, you can install it using WUBI following these instructions.

Once installation is complete, or if you just want to use or test out the Live DVD without installing it, you may want to look at how to use the CASLab Linux Desktop.