Lab Details

Students are given CASLab accounts when they enroll in an appropriate
CISC or ELEC course.  By default, each student is given 100MB of
disk space.  This space is served by a Sun server, Zeus.

Windows lab machines connect to a student’s Z: drive which corresponds
to the /cas/student/USER_ID/Zdrive on the Sun server.  For
instance, if your user ID is 3qw4, your home directory on Zeus would be
/cas/student/3qw4 and your Z: drive in Windows would be

These files are accessible from home using FTP or SFTP.  Instructions for connecting can be found for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Linux, Sun and Mac OSX machines all connect to Zeus for their
respective home directories, so your files should be accessible from
any CASLab system.

Students can also log into the CASLab Windows domain from any machine
in Jeffrey Hall and the Integrated Learning Centre, Beamish-Munroe Hall.