We assume that you have already installed the WS_FTP client from

WS_FTP is an old FTP client, but it works very well, and is free to students

First, fire up WS_FTP.  When the Session Properties box pops up, click new.

Set Zeus to the Profile name.  Set the hostname to:

Enter your qlink ID for the User ID.

With this data filled in, click the OK button.  You will be prompted for your password.  Enter it and click OK.

You should now be connected to Zeus.  You should see the path to your home directory in the top right-hand pane.  To access the
files on your Windows Z Drive, double-click on the


directory.  (You may have to scroll down to find this directory if
you have used Unix or Linux a lot.)

You should now see yout CASLAB windows files on the right-hand pane.  To transfer a file from CASLAB, highlight it and click the ” <–  ” button.

To transfer a file from your PC to CASLAB, highlight your files int he left-hand pane and click the ” –>  ” button.