How To Select a Project:  First, have a look at the projects listed here.  Contact the supervisors for more information.  When you have found a project, and the supervisor is willing/able to give you the project, you MUST fill out a CONTRACT FORM, get it signed by the project supervisor, and deliver it to the 499* coordinator (Dr. Mousavi). E-mail is also acceptable but must come from the supervisor, not the student.  ONLY when the contract is received is the project officially yours.
I strongly recommend that you try to find a project from the list below.  However, if you can’t find a project here that fits your interests and abilities, you can propose a project yourself.  In this case you will need to find a School of Computing faculty member who is willing to supervise your project.  As a rough guideline to project design, the amount of work involved should be the same as a typical 400-level CISC course.

Supervisor Projects Students
Selim Akl
Gunnar   Blohm  Project description can be found here.
Dorothea   Blostein
Rober  Browse
Jim   Cordy
Bob  Crawford
Robin  Dawes
Juergen   Dingel
Randy  Ellis

with Dr. Kunz, HMRC, projects available here.

with Dr. Hefny: “Calibrating Force Signals and Video Streams. Read description here.

Gabor   Fichtinger Project 1 available here. Project 2 available here. Project 1 is already assigned.
Janice  Glasgow
Nick Graham
Ahmed Hassan
Hossam Hassanein Project descriptions available here.
David Lamb Project descriptions (mostly from external customers to CISC499) available here.
Pat Martin Project descriptions available here.
Parvin Mousavi
David Rappaport Project description available here.
Kai Salomaa Project description available here.
David Skillicorn List of projects available here.
James Stewart
Bob Tennent
Niko Troje
Roel Vertegaal
Mohammad Zulkernine Identifying Cloud Security Metrics  Jenny Chien