Projects for 2017-18

Supervisor Projects Students
Selim Akl  On sabbatical leave.
Dorothea Blostein

Enabling machine learning functionality in PushMePullMe

2 Projects: Details available here.

Jim Cordy
Robin Dawes
Juergen Dingel  Several Projects: Details available here.
Qingling Duan  2 Projects: Details available here.
Joshua Dunfield  2 Projects: Details available here.
Randy Ellis
Gabor Fichtinger
Neil Glossop  3 Projects: Details available here.
Nick Graham
Ahmed Hassan Several Projects: Please contact Prof. Hassan directly.
Hossam Hassanein
Manuela Kunz  2 Projects: Detail of project 1 here and project 2 here.
David Lamb  On sabbatical leave Winter 2018
Greg Lessard
Pat Martin
David Maslov  2 Projects: Details available for Project 1 here and for Project 2 here.
Parvin Mousavi
Wendy Powley 1 Project: Details available here.
David Rappaport  On sabbatical leave Winter 2018
Kai Salomaa  3 Projects: Details available here. First Project Taken
David Skillicorn  Several Projects: Details available here. First Two Taken
James Stewart
Niko Troje  1 Project: Details available here.
Kathrin Tryshkin 3 Projects: Details available here.
Roel Vertegaal  3 Projects that involve heavy use of CUDA to calculate 3D images from any angle for holograms. Please contact Prof. Vertegaal directly if interested. Details cannot be posted publicly due to copyright issues.

Lightfield cameras
Lightfield HMD
Lightfield displays
Farhana Zulkernine  3 Projects: Details available here.
Mohammad Zulkernine