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How To Select a Project: First, have a look at the projects listed here. Contact the supervisors for more information. When you have found a project, and the supervisor is willing/able to give you the project, you MUST complete a contract on OnQ and sign it electronically. OnQ page for the course will be available early in the Fall term for students registered in the course only. Your supervisor should also sign the form electronically. ONLY when the contract is received is the project officially yours. If you cannot register in the course due to conflicts or not meeting the eligibility criteria, please contact the undergraduate advisor or the course coordinator as soon as possible. You need to complete your contract in the Fall term.
I strongly recommend that you try to find a project from the list below. However, if you can’t find a project here that fits your interests and abilities, you can propose a project yourself. In this case you will need to find a School of Computing faculty member who is willing to supervise your project. As a rough guideline to project design, the amount of work involved should be the same as a typical 400-level CISC course.

Supervisor Projects Students
Selim Akl On leave
Dorothea Blostein Prof. Blostein will be able to co-supervise projects with faculty from other departments. If you have a potential project with non-Computing faculty, you may contact Prof. Blostein for co-supervision opportunities.
Robin Dawes Two project descriptions available here.
Juergen Dingel Three project descriptions available here.
Qingling Duan
Joshua Dunfield Several project descriptions available here.
Randy Ellis Four projects related to Biomedical Computing. Taken
Gabor Fichtinger Project description available here.
Neil Glossop Two project descriptions available here.
Nick Graham On leave
Ben Hall Project description available here..
Ahmed Hassan Several project descriptions available here (please connect with Prof. Mousavi or check your Queen’s email for details).
Hossam Hassanein Project X – co-supervised with Aaron Visser and Alireza Sedghi available here.
Manuela Kunz Project description available here.
David Lamb On leave Winter 2019
Doug Martin and Richard Linley Project description available here. Taken
David Maslov Project descriptions available here.
Parvin Mousavi Course coordinator
Wendy Powley Two projects descriptions here. Taken
David Rappaport Project description available here.
Francois Rivest Several projects, description available here.
Kai Salomaa Three project descriptions available here.
David Skillicorn Several projects available – please contact Prof. Skillicorn directly.
James Stewart

Project description available here.

If you have your own projects, you can also contact Prof. Stewart for supervision possibility.

Kathrin Tryshkin Two project descriptions available here.
Farhana Zulkernine Several projects available here.
Mohammad Zulkernine Two project descriptions available here.