Electric Sheep

Title: Electric Sheep
Group: Amos Cohoe, Aleks Jugovic, Ryan Protheroe
Course: CISC 226

Description: Electric Sheep is a procedurally generated cyberpunk 2D action adventure where the player traverses a maze-like cyberspace, attempting to locate and shut down the corrupted mind of the Artificial Intelligence MainFrame. The player’s charge level is both a measure of health and your number of attacks, so the player must choose their actions wisely. Moving from room to room you encounter a variety of enemies maintained by MainFrame’s central processing unit. Whether you choose to fight or dodge past them, you eventually come to the brain of the computer, and face down against MainFrame itself. Whether you triumph or are defeated depends on your reflexes, but more importantly the choices you made while playing.

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Presidential Escape

Title: Presidential Escape
Group: Daniel Ballem, Daniel Bassani, Michael Bassani
Course: CISC 226

Description: Presidential Escape is a horde based, first-person adventure game that puts the player’s situational awareness, quick thinking, and sharp eye to the test. Leave no stone unturned in this comical world where you take the role of the infamous Peter Resident; the current President of the United States, who has been separated from the Secret Service in a foreign country with absolutely no help in sight.  All hope seems lost until you get in contact with your #1 agent, who is DEAD SET on getting you back by any means necessary.

Peter Resident must navigate through the country’s capital, dangerous roads, and escape through the dense forest. Andrew “COMM” Williams will be your deciding factor whether you make it back safely supplying you with necessary duties over the only form of communication you have left; your earpiece. Things are looking up for the president, but if only it was that easy….

Peter Resident’s resounding worldwide success has left himself vulnerable to the love of his adoring fans. This is where the core idea of Presidential Escape takes shape. As the President embarks on his mission, he will be met by his crazed fans. Once spotted by any of them, they will relentlessly chase after him. with absolutely no means to get rid of them. With this, the horde will only ever get larger – increasing the amount of stress in this un-presidented time.

Each level has one main objective you must complete in order to progress, but each one requires you to do some extra dirty work. Peter must use his sharp eye to locate objects scattered throughout the map, searching through every corner. If the president ever gets stuck he can throw autographs in order to distract the crowd, giving the prez a few seconds of breathing room. After Peter succeeds in his objectives, he must transition to a new location, driving through dangerous, fan infested roads while swerving and avoiding anyone blocking his way.

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