Title: BlockBot
Group: Anne Liu, Anjali Thatte, Kevin Feng, Daniel Martin
Course: exchange course equivalent to CISC 425

BlockBot is a educational learning application that leverages Augmented Reality to teach children (or even adults) how to program in an interactive and user friendly manner. Students place colored puzzle blocks of code segments together with the goal of generating robot movements. They can then easily simulate their programmed robot in their own rooms through the mixed reality AR camera, where the robot interacts with real world items captured in the camera frame. For instance, you can validate if your code correctly allows the robot to avoid falling off a desk or bump into walls in your room. This application enriches the remote learning experience as it allows students to learn robotics and coding from the comfort of their own homes without any robotics equipment!


Welcome to the Creative Computing Showcase: Quarantine Edition

Every year the School of Computing holds an end of year event called the Creative Computing Showcase, highlighting undergraduate work that took place that year. This year’s event was scheduled to take place on April 3rd. But, because of the rapidly evolving global pandemic, we were forced to cancel it… or were we?

While we are not physically present at the School, staff and faculty have been working hard at keeping the classes proceeding, and the research active while distancing/self-isolating. So we started to think of how we could still hold Creative Computing, while keeping everyone safe. With that in mind…

We introduce the first EVER online Creative Computing Showcase – or Creative Computing: Quarantine Edition.

For more information, and to submit your project, go to the Creative Computing Submission Form.

We hope you’ll consider submiting your projects. This is a good way for us all to reconnect with each other during these isolating circumstances. We look forward to seeing what everyone has been working on this year!

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact Doug Martin.