Exam Review Clarification

I may have inadvertently made an error during the exam review in the last lecture and I’d like to make a clarification.

For the slides titled “JavaScript: jQuery and the DOM Tree“, I know that I eliminated all material from slide 8. However, I did not intend to eliminate material from slide 9. I apologize if I did so.

You should know how the jQuery functions on slide 9 work and affect the DOM tree. If a function used on the exam copies or moves existing elements within the DOM, that will be noted in the question text.

The reference sheet will have the names of each of these functions, but no other information.

For study purposes, I suggest working and experimenting with the in-class exercise JavaScript: jQuery and the DOM Tree – Moving Elements in the Tree from Week 9.

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Study Sessions and Office Hours

The following hours have been booked for informal study sessions in Goodwin 521:

  • Thursday, December 13th from 1PM – 4PM with Julia
  • Friday, December 14th from 1PM – 4PM with Dr. Whittaker
  • Tuesday, December 18th from 1PM – 4PM with Karthik

No material will be presented during the study sessions. Instead, you can drop in to ask questions or use the time to study and discuss the material with your classmates.

Additional help is also available by email: Chantal will answer emailed questions from Dec. 11th – 19th.

I will not hold my regular office hours tomorrow or for the remainder of term. I’ll be available by appointment and on Wednesday, December 19th from 10:30AM – 12:30PM in Goodwin 542.

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OnQ Survey and Office Hours

The TAs’ regular office hours will end this week. They’ll be available by appointment (depending on their own exam schedules) until they return home for the end of the semester.

There’s an “End-of-Classes” survey in OnQ under Assessments -> Surveys. If you haven’t take it yet, please do so in the next few days. The survey has questions about the format of the course (lectures, assignments, etc.) as well as options for pre-exam office hours.

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Lecture This Evening

This evening’s lecture will begin with an informal Q&A session with Noah St. Amand, who’s been a web developer for 20 years and is a partner in Jumphost. I’ll begin with some prepared questions, but please take the opportunity to ask your own questions thereafter.

There will be a 15-minute break after the session so you can talk with Mr. St. Amand further if you wish. Lecture will then resume with “The Loop”, an end-of-class survey in OnQ, and the review for the exam (i.e., Quiz 3).

The introduction to AJAX will be available on the course website as supplemental material which you can pursue if you’re interested.

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Slide Updates and Cancelled Office Hours on Wednesday

Two sets of lecture slides have been updated on the Lectures page of the course website:

  • JavaScript: jQuery and the DOM Tree (Weeks 9 & 10)
    • “jQuery” was changed to “JavaScript” in the title of slide 8
  • PHP: More Syntax (Week 11)
    • the inequality for values and types operator was corrected to “!==”
    • three slides about associative arrays and looping through them were added

Julia’s office hours for Wednesday, November 21st have been cancelled. Please see Karthik on Thursday or the instructor on Friday instead.

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Change in Office Hours Tomorrow

Unfortunately, my illness has worsened and I won’t be able to hold office hours tomorrow as planned. Instead, Julia and Chantal will hold the following office hours on Thursday, November 15 in Goodwin 241:

  • Julia: 11:30AM – 12:30PM
  • Chantal: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

With any luck I should be able to hold my usual office hours on Friday.

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Assignment 3 Updates/Clarifications

Following yesterday evening’s lecture and the questions I received, I’ve updated the description for Assignment 3 to clarify a few things. Here’s a brief summary:

  • The overlay must appear in a file named overlay.html.
  • The slider must contain the images available using the first link in each list item, which have all been resized to 400px tall.
  • The slick documentation is outdated with respect to its jQuery recommendation, which no longer works.

The assignment description contains the full update text; don’t rely on this summary alone. You can find the updates easily by searching (via Ctrl + F) for the text “Updated 08/14/2018”.

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Lecture This Evening

Lecture this evening will be shorter than usual due to illness – it’s presently uncomfortable for me to talk. If I lose my voice during lecture, it will have to end even earlier.

The current lecture plan is as follows:

  • a quick look at the results for Quiz 2;
  • completing the lecture on jQuery and the DOM tree; and,
  • an introduction to PHP.
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Quiz 2 Marks Posted

The grades for Quiz 2 are now available in OnQ and I’ll hand the quiz papers back in lecture on Tuesday evening. I’ll address any concerns you have about your grade after you have your test paper back and you’ve looked it over.

The sample solution for Quiz 2 has also been posted under “Content” -> “Quizzes” -> “Quiz 2 Solution”. Due to unintended ambiguity in the third question and everyone’s differing approaches, there is more than one correct answer for each part. All correct options have been included with the sample solution.

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Assignment 4 Updates

The description for Assignment 4 has been updated with the following:

  • the grading scheme/rubric;
  • more screenshots; and,
  • new requirements for the content and layout for the “Slider” and “Newsletter Overlay” pages.

If you’ve already started the assignment, please review these changes – you can find them by searching the page (via Ctrl + F) for the text “Updated”.

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