CASLab Changes for Fall 2019

CASLab has leveled up over the summer!

First, you will notice 20 brand new PCs in Walter Light 310 along brand new 32″ 4K monitors. Each monitor has an additional HDMI connector that you can use to plug your own laptop into.

You may also notice that these PCs do not have dedicated graphics cards. Instead we will be relying on eGPUs (external enclosures with higher end graphics cards) that attach to the machine via Thunderbolt to provide any added graphical power you may need. If you wish to use one of these, please contact Doug or Aaron on the fifth floor of Goodwin.

Second, Goodwin 248 has five new group tables with 55″ TVs attached to them that you may connect a laptop to. Each table is also equipped with 4 power outlets and 4 USB-A charging ports.

This space will also be equipped with height-adjustable tables and 5 new PCs (similar to those in Walter Light 310) later in the term.

Finally, Goodwin 241 is the new COMPSA office. TA office hours will now be scheduled in Goodwin 230, which remains an open workspace with tables (no PCs) for you to use as well. Tutorials and labs will now be booked in Walter Light 310.

There have been many exciting changes to CASLab this summer, and there’s more to come. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send it using the Feedback / Suggestions form.

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CASLab Changes for Fall 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back!

There are a few CASLab changes that you should be aware of.

  1. You may have noticed the lack of PCs in Goodwin 230. We plan to use Goodwin 230 as an experimental lab for us to try new approaches to delivering new lab features to you. As such, we welcome any suggestions on how we can improve this space for you. Please dream up exciting ideas for the space and let us know. We will be sending out a feedback poll soon; for now you can email me any suggestions.For now, there are 6 tables for you to work at with power on them for your laptops, a large TV that you can use to practice presentations on, an eGPU that can be connected via ThunderBolt/USB-C to give newer laptops access to an Nvidia 1060 GPU, and a rolling whiteboard for you to use. We also have two Oculus Rift VR headsets and controllers that can be signed out with Aaron Visser in GW 547.

    Like all CASLab facilities, these are open for you to use 24/7. However, like all CASLab facilities, they may also be booked in special circumstances, which will be posted on the door in advance.

  2. There is a new process for registering iButtons this year. The kiosk that was in Goodwin 241 is no more and the room will not be unlocked during the day anymore (it’s open, but you’ll need an iButton to enter).In its place we have implemented a new online registration process that you can use on your mobile device (or laptop). Simply visit any CASLab door (Goodwin 230/241/248 or Walter Light 310) with your newly purchased iButton (available at the Campus Bookstore). Navigate to and log in with your Queen’s NetID and password. Then choose “Enroll an iButton” and select the door you are standing at. Then simply place your iButton on the reader at the door and press the scan button on your device. If all goes well, you should be able to open the door right then and there.

    If you encounter an error, please report it to me. Also please note that first year students are not in the iButton system by default and will therefore not be able to register.

  3. Due to an error in the account creation process last year, some of you may have to change your password (at to log in to Linux. Your files should be unaffected. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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