Top questions:

What is my CASLab username and password?

CASLab accounts use your Queen’s NetID for your login, your password must be set using the CASLab Account Management tool.

CASLab is series of computer labs hosted and maintained by the School of Computing. It is a space for students taking CISC, COMP, COCA, and COGS courses to do their assignment work.

How do I discover my Queen’s NetID and password?

General information about NetID can be found on the Queen’s NetID Information page.  To activate your NetID, go to the registration page, after which the password can be changed by following the instructions here.  You will need your student number handy.

How do I enrol my iButton or set my CASLab password?

Access to CASLab teaching facilities in Goodwin Hall 230, 248, and Walter Light Hall room 310 is granted through the use of iButtons. iButtons are available for a small fee ($2-$3) at the Campus Bookstore. Enrollment can be done at the door of any lab by going to the CASLab Account Management tool on your mobile device or laptop.

How can I change my password?

CASLab passwords can be changed using the CASLab Account Management tool.  You need your Queen’s NetID to log in.

Can I run Linux and Unix applications from home?

Yes, you can remotely log in using an SSH client. See How To section for instructions.  Students wishing to use graphical applications can do so using the x2Go client.

Using PuTTY, I can log into Zeus but not the Linux machines.

This is because you have an incorrectly cached copy of the ssh keys for the Linux machines.  To fix the problem, log into Zeus and type: rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts

I have downloaded Putty and tried to connect to Linux from home.
It warned me that the authenticity of the host could not be established. Is this a problem?

This warning is normal and should only show up the first time you connect to the Linux machine. Feel free to disregard it.

Nothing happens when I try to SSH to a CASLab machine / I get a “connection reset” or “connection timed out” message.

This is the result of your IP address being blocked from too many failed log in attempts. Please fill out an IP unblock request from the computer and internet connection your were blocked on.

In the meantime, IP blocking is server specific, so you can still get your work done. For example, if you were blocked on linux1.caslab.queensu.ca, try linux2.caslab.queensu.ca. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the CASLab Account Management tool.

I’m a School of Computing student, why is my CASLab account deactivated?

Students are only given access to CASLab during the terms that they are actively taking CISC and COGS courses.

How do I get an iButton?

Please see the iButton enrolment tutorial.

How do I use turnin?

Your instructor likely has class-specific instructions. Failing this, basic instructions are available.

What computer should I get for my studies?

See our computer recommendations here.