Top questions:

What is my CASLab username and password?

CASLab accounts use your Queen’s NetID for your login, your password must be set using the CASLab Account Management tool.

CASLab is series of computer labs hosted and maintained by the School of Computing, with a satellite lab in Jeffrey Hall managed by Queen’s ITS. It is a space for students taking CISC, COMP, COCA, and COGS courses to do their assignment work.

How do I discover my Queen’s NetID and password?

General information about NetID can be found here.  Your NetID can be activated here, after which the password can be changed here.  You will need your student number handy.

Why can’t I log into CASLab in Jeffery Hall?

The Jeffery Hall labs are run by Queen’s ITS.  Like the ILC, the machines are now part of the campus-wide Active Directory.  Instead of logging into CASLab directly, you can log into AD and then double-click on the “Computing CASLab Files” icon.  You will be prompted for your CASLab password.  This is discussed in more detail here.

How do I enrol my iButton or set my CASLab password?

Access to CASLab teaching facilities in Goodwin Hall 241, 248, and Walter Light Hall room 310 is granted through the use of iButtons. iButtons are available for a small fee ($2-$3) at the Campus Bookstore. There is an enrolment station located in the second floor of Goodwin Hall in room 241. This station, open from 7:30-5:30 weekdays, allows students to activate their iButtons and set their CASLab account passwords.


I can’t log in to AD!  (In the ILC or Jeffery Hall)

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do directly to address this.  The problem might be that you haven’t activated your AD account.  You can do this by logging in to the NetID account administration page.  Simply logging in should be enough to activate your AD account.  If it is not, you will have to talk to the ITS Support Desk.  The number is 533-6666, they are located in the basement of Stauffer Library.

One of the printers is out of paper!

We do our best to keep this printer well stocked. However, if the printer needs more paper, please let us know.  Alternatively, you could also speak with Amie Bello in the main School of Computing office on the fifth floor of Goodwin Hall.

How can I change my password?

CASLab passwords can be changed using the CASLab Account Management tool.  You need your Queen’s NetID to log in.

Why, when dual booting into Linux, won’t it load (and leaves me at a screen from which I can’t exit)?

This is due to windows not being shut down properly. Click here for more info.

Using PuTTY, I can log into Zeus but not the Linux machines.

This is because you have an incorrectly cached copy of the ssh keys for the Linux machines.  To fix the problem, log into Zeus and type: rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts

I’m a School of Computing student, why is my CASLab account deactivated?

Students are only given access to CASLab during the terms that they are actively taking CISC and COGS courses.

How do I print?

Please see the following.

How do I get an iButton?

Please see the following.

I’m over quota!  How can I see where my disk space has gone?

Your quota consists of more than just your Z drive.  It is actually your  entire Unix home directory (/cas/student/<NetID> on zeus.caslab.queensu.ca).  Your Z drive is just a subdirectory of your home directory.

You can see your disk usage and perform other account-related tasks by logging into a Linux or Solaris box and typing:


The CASLab Utilities are also available from the Linux GUI by selecting:

“Settings -> CASLab -> CASLab Utilities”

Disk space is often taken up by stale NX caches found in your ~/.nx/ directory. This
occasionally happens as a result of improperly terminated NX sessions.  If this has happened to you, delete the files: ~/.nx/C-linux*

How can I change my shell to BASH?

From a CASLab Linux system, open a terminal and type: caslabUtils.sh

One of the available options is to change your shell.  At this time, this utility does not work from Zeus.

You will soon be able to change this using the CASLab Account Management tool.

How can change or setup CASLab mail forwarding?

From Zeus or a CASLab Linux system, open a terminal and type:

One of the available options is to change your mail forwarding setup.

You will soon be able to change this using the CASLab Account Management tool.

I have downloaded Putty and tried to connect to Linux from home.
It warned me that the authenticity of the host could not be established. Is this a problem?

This warning is normal and should only show up the first time you connect to the Linux machine. Feel free to disregard it.

Why can’t I run X-Win32 in Jeffrey?

X-Win32 is not available in Jeffrey. This was a decision made by ITS.
However, X-Win32 should not be needed for any first year classes.
Upper year classes should use one of the other CASLab labs.
(Goodwin 248 or Walter-Light.)

I’m having problems compiling C++ programs in Jens’ File Editor. It appears as though iostream isn’t installed.

Jens’ File Editor is both a C and C++ compiler. By default, it assumes the language is C.
To enable C++ compilation you need to set the language to C++ by selecting it in:

Compiler -> Options

After this, the standard “Hello, world.” will work just fine:


int main(){   cout << "Hello, world.nn";      return;}

Can I access my CASLab files from home?

Yes. They are available using FTP or SFTP/SCP. Mac OSX users can use Cyberduck.

Can I use Remote Desktop to access the Windows machines at home?

No. Remote Desktop has been disabled.

Can I run Linux and Unix applications from home?

Yes, you can remotely log in using putty. Students wishing to use graphical applications can do so using the NX client.

How do I use turnin?

Your instructor likely has class-specific instructions. Failing this, basic instructions are available.

How do I safely remove my USB drive from a Windows machines?

To remove a USB device safely, you need to left click on the icon that’s located in the
bottom right hand corner of your desktop that’s labeled “Safely Remove Hardware”. A box will open that says “The USB Mass Storage Device can now be safely removed from the system”. Use this to remove your USB device.

Please note: If you accidentally double-click on the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon, the following error will pop up: “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”  Please single-click on the icon instead.